Pilot pile clusters were tested

буронабивные сваи подпорной стены

ICC OBRII continues the construction of the Concordia Club House. More than 50 bored piles of the retaining wall were arranged on the construction site, and tests of the pilot pile clausters of the main pile field gave a start to the preparatory work for its construction. “The bored piles of the retaining wall from Kudriavska street and buildings number 43 and 47 with a diameter of 820 mm were installed. Currently, the works on installation of a binding monolithic reinforced concrete grillage of retaining walls are in progress. And also the preparatory work for the construction of the main pile field has begun”, commented on the construction site the Director of ICC OBRII Viktoria Popovych. According to Victoria Viacheslavivna, the list of the completed works includes: partial construction of external engineering networks: water supply, household and rain sewage; installation of two pilot clusters of piles of the main pile field with their subsequent testing with static load. It is worth noting that the tests of the above-mentioned piles confirmed their carrying capacity. This stage is very important for further work. The following works are planned to be carried out: arrangement of ramps, approaches, platforms for the operation of technological equipment for the installation of piles of the main pile field.


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OBRIY Investment and Construction Company continues the construction of the Concordia Club House, which is being erected in the historical center of the capital at 45 Kudryavska Street, Shevchenkivsky District, ten minutes from Lvivska Square. As of the beginning of June 2020, the following changes took place at the construction site: arrangement of vertical elements […]


The project for the construction of the Club House Concordia by the Construction and Investment Company OBRII is quite unusual: elegant yet technologically complex. The object is being constructed on a landform that has a large difference in the level of ground height. Serhii Prykhodko, the Deputy Director of Capital Construction of the CIC OBRII, […]


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