Pile filed of the building is under construction


The Club House Concordia by the Construction and Investment Company OBRII is still under construction. ‘We started to construct the pile field of the building. The planned work speed is at least three to five piles per working shift.’ – comments Victoriia Popovych, the Director of CIC OBRII.

As of the beginning of August, piles of the upper tier of the pile field of the building and foundation frame of the retaining wall have been installed on the site.

‘In July, we started to construct the pile field of the building using the powerful Bauer BG 28. Over a month, more than 65 piles have been installed. At the same time, ground markings are being gradually lowered to install the base slab.’ – said Victoriia Popovych, the Director of CIC OBRII.

She also told that piles under the tower crane have been already installed and the preparatory works to construct a foundation under the tower crane are in progress.

‘In August, we will keep constructing the lower tier of the pile field, will complete the tower crane foundation and the preparatory works for the construction of the base slab of the first tier. In general, it will take three stages to construct the base slab. On top of that, a monolithic reinforced concrete boarding of the retaining wall and external utilities will be installed.’ – said Victoriia Popovych.


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