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ICC OBRII – the developer of the project of the Concordia Club House on February 14, 2019 launched a flagship project in the Shevchenko district of the capital. An important stage of construction has begun on the construction site – drilling a well for the first pile of a new residential building. The ceremony of installation of the first pile was held in the presence of representatives of the developer of the project ICC OBRII and the general contractor GARANTBUDINVEST. “When constructing the foundation, the technology of injection piles was applied. The choice is justified taking into account the peculiarities of the soil and the geological profile of the construction site. The beginning of the work was preceded by an additional examination of project documents. To reinforce the slope, the project provides for piles with a diameter of 890 mm, which are performed by replacing the drilled soil with concrete mixture supplied to the bottom of the well through a hollow screw under pressure followed by installation of the reinforcement cage into the laid concrete at the planned design level”, says Serhii Prykhodko, the Deputy Director for Capital Construction of ICC OBRII.


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OBRIY Investment and Construction Company continues the construction of the Concordia Club House, which is being erected in the historical center of the capital at 45 Kudryavska Street, Shevchenkivsky District, ten minutes from Lvivska Square. As of the beginning of June 2020, the following changes took place at the construction site: arrangement of vertical elements […]


The project for the construction of the Club House Concordia by the Construction and Investment Company OBRII is quite unusual: elegant yet technologically complex. The object is being constructed on a landform that has a large difference in the level of ground height. Serhii Prykhodko, the Deputy Director of Capital Construction of the CIC OBRII, […]


The developer of the project, Investment and Construction Company OBRII, attracted to its flagship project the advertising agency Royal Advertising, which offered the name of the object and developed a corporate identity. Why did the Concordia Club House get this particular name? Creating a new residential project, our team understood clearly the concept of the […]