Concordia Club House – is a new solo project of OBRIY Investment and Construction Company

Клубный дом Concordia киев

OBRIY Investment and Construction Company announced the launch of a new project at the capital real estate market – Club House Concordia – an elegant business-class building with an amazing location and special atmosphere. “This year we plan to implement all the objects of this project,” comments Olesya Perchak, Deputy Director for Commercial Issues at OBRIY Investment and Construction Company and opens secrets about the peculiarities of the “cocktail” composition of the project marketing strategy.

OBRIY Investment and Construction Company presents a new project under construction in the historic center of the capital, at 45 Kudryavska Street, two minutes from Lvivska Square. According to the concept, it will be a Club House of business class, which will be named after the Roman goddess of consent and guardian of the system – Concordia.

Concordia – is being built in an atmospheric and at the same time quite intimate place: in the historical center of the capital and at the same time hidden from crowded and noisy places – in a cozy street, surrounded by greenery. Not quite a typical combination. Do you agree? The panoramic windows of the building will offer views of the picturesque Podil, the banks of the Dnipro River, Andriyivsky Uzviz, Landscape Alley, St. Michael’s and St. Sophia Cathedral, and many other monuments of architecture, culture and history of Kyiv. 

The house itself is comfortable and technological with a special atmosphere of good neighborliness. According to the project, it will have 16 floors and 69 apartments in total. Four-room apartments with an open roof terrace will be on the sixteenth floor. The house will be provided with a convenient underground parking and cellars. A concierge will always greet you at the reception desk, ready to help in solving everyday problems of any complexity. A spacious lobby with a refined custom design and a friendly atmosphere will immediately make you feel at home. You can get to the lobby, both from the yard and by taking a silent elevator straight from the underground parking lot. 

“Concordia is a business class object. The building is elegant and, at the same time, small – club. The location is amazing, in terms of atmosphere. Therefore, the connoisseur is quite understandable, ” – emphasizes Olesya Perchak, Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs of OBRIY ICC.

According to her, the marketing strategy for promoting the project is appropriate. Then Olesya Perchak opened some secrets: “In general, there are no ready-to-use universal marketing formulas, there are only permanent components. I would even compare them to the ingredients of a cocktail. The taste that we get as a result of a right decision to create our own composition formula for a specific project depends on how we select and measure them.”

Thus, the marketing strategy of the Concordia Club House was based on two important factors. First, it is the format of the project – Club house with a small number of apartments, and secondly, the technological peculiarities of construction.

“Our strategy envisages the following: in February 2019, OBRIY ICC announced the start of construction of a new residential building at 45 Kudryavska Street. In April, the first sale was opened, so to speak, “for our friends”. We formed a price list, the main list of presentation materials and started working with the “waiting list”. It is clear that OBRIY ICC, as a development company, a five-year-old pool of fans has already been formed – investors who trust us, who have seen from their own experience the advantages of OBRIY ICC projects and want to work with us in the future. Moreover, they monitor the emergence of new projects. That’s why, we first proposed to consider Concordia as a potential object for purchase or investment for such investors. In addition, we worked with an existing network of intermediaries – realtors. In the transitional period, from the beginning of 2020, we joined

As a result, today about 36% of the facilities of the Concordia Club House are sold for “closed sale” without any advertising support. Of course, there was a site, but only as an information and image resource. Thanks to it, we even managed to get feedback with the recommendations that we took into account “, – said Olesya Perchak.

According to her, an advertising campaign was launched in mid-February, which will use only digital channels – another feature of the “cocktail composition” of the marketing strategy. Of course, certain activities are also envisaged: cooperation with realtors will continue, a new network of intermediaries will be built. Experience has also shown the effectiveness of event marketing, in particular, presentations organized in an informal setting and the like.

“The start of the advertising campaign takes place in parallel with the transition of construction to the stage that I call “already noticeable”: beyond the “ 0 ”mark. Therefore, every month we will observe striking changes behind the fence. The house is really small, so the dynamics of construction in 2020, unlike last year, will be impressive. This will be a significant addition to the advertising campaign”, – said Olesya Perchak.

Let us remember that the Concordia Club House is erected on the terrain with a large difference in the height of the soil, so the building design has certain technological features. They are due to the findings of a number of thorough studies that were carried out on the site at the initial stage of construction design. As a result, the project involved the construction of a supporting wall. And also – three floors below the “0” mark. On the 3rd floor there will be office space, on the 2nd – cellars, on the 1st – parking.

“It should be noted that over the past year we twice increased the price per square meter. One of the reasons is the level of demand in the market. If it were not for last year’s situation in the foreign exchange market, the dynamics of price increases would be higher and accordingly the number of transactions amounted to 45-50% of apartments. Our real estate has actually risen in price by 13-15% in dollars, in hryvnia – about 5%. In February of this year, there was a third price increase. Recently, we have announced the rise in price in March. Our strategic plan is to bring the price at the end of the year to 20%”, – summed up Olesya Perchak.


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