About the complex

About the complex

Concordia residential house is a space that gives a feeling of complete balance and consent with oneself near the city center of the capital. This building on 45 Kudriavska street is sheltered safely from the hustle and bustle of the central streets, there is always comfort and peace. Concordia will become a place where you always want to return, where you can rest from the rush of modern life, a place where silence and harmony live.

About the most important

The rhythm of the life of a successful person is a whirlpool of events, multitasking and almost no time to devote to oneself and switch to another element, another rhythm, another dimension of complete balance and self-acceptance. For each of us very the home becomes the cozy place that protects from anxieties, hassle and exhausting everyday life, the place where we feel completely safe, quiet and peaceful.


People who know the value of their time, their success, their inner silence, who want to get the best from their life.

Historical center of the capital

It is quite possible to live in the epicenter of the business and cultural life of the capital and listen to silence. After all, the center of Kyiv is very different. There are streets that never sleep, where cars are buzzing and crowds of people walk. Concordia Club House is located in the historic center on the unique for the capital quiet and cozy dead-end street Kudriavska, 45, , where there are almost no cars and passersby.

The house is located two minutes from the Lviv Square, at arm's length from all the infrastructure necessary for everyday life.

Unique architecture

Despite the complexity of the landscape, the leading architectural bureau AVG managed to create a house that is both elegant and modern and fits organically it into the overall architectural ensemble of the historic center. The architecture of the house conquers at first sight with harmony and integrity of its form.

Impressive views

Breakfast on the terrace or panoramic balcony overlooking the picturesque Podil, the banks of the Dnipro River and the historical center of Kyiv - this is how the day begins for the residents of Concordia. Morning is the best time to enjoy absolute silence and plan the day calmly. Glazed balconies with an area from three meters are provided in each apartment. Terraces overlooking the main city sights are available in the apartments on the upper floors.

Comfort and tranquility

The spacious lobby of the building with exquisite author's design and friendly atmosphere will allow you to feel at home immediately.

At the reception you will always be greeted by a concierge who is ready to help in solving your everyday problems of any complexity. You can get into the lobby both from the courtyard and by a silent elevator directly from the underground parking. The house has two entrances: the front door, leading to the lobby, and the private, from the back yard.

Convenience and comfort

Concordia Club House meets the highest demands of functionality, safety and comfort. One of the components of comfort is privacy. The courtyard is closed to outsiders, which means that in the territory of the house you will see only familiar faces.

The house has a convenient underground parking and storerooms. The premise where you can store rarely used and dimensional objects, without cluttering up the space of your own apartment. Or place a wine cellar for storing collection wine.

Ergonomic layouts

Everything that is “the must” in a modern coveted apartment can be found in Concordia. The European concept of planning with a common "kitchen-living room” area, where the whole family meets every day. High ceilings, panoramic windows with low window sills to contemplate the best sunsets and sunrises. The apartments take into account the maximum functionality of each square meter, the dimensions of the premises were designed taking into account ergonomics and furniture dimensions.

Uncompromising in terms of quality

For construction of the Concordia high-quality materials, made by the best European and Ukrainian manufacturers, are used. When choosing construction materials, not only their functionality and durability, but also environmental friendliness and energy efficiency are taken into account.


The project was created by the team of the professionals who are in love with their work.                                                                                                                 That is why Concordia combines the best achievements of modern development.

ICC OBRII - developer of the project. The company has an impeccable reputation and extensive experience in the construction of residential real estate. The company's specialization is the integrated management of all stages of real estate development: from idea to implementation, effectively combining the work of enterprises acting as a contractor, general contractor, customer and investor.

AVG – architectural bureau. AVG provides a full range of architectural and design services: from the preparation of architectural and design concepts to the full implementation of projects of the maximum degree of complexity. Their unique and innovative solutions in the field of architecture and interior design are marked by international awards - in the framework of EE PROJECT AWARDS 2017, it is recognized as the best architectural company in Eastern European countries.

GARANTBUDINVEST is the general contractor of the project with ten years of experience in the construction market and more than 30 completed projects. The basis of the impeccable professional reputation of GARANTBUDINVEST is the team of the professional specialists and a modern construction and industrial base.