8 reasons to buy an apartment in a new building


The Concordia Club House is an elegant business-class building with a special atmosphere and amazing location. We offer you to consider the list of main advantages of the project of OBRIY Investment and Construction Company, which is being built in the historical center of Kyiv at the cozy 45 Kudryavska street, in the Shevchenkivsky district of the capital. 

Location – remains one of the priority criteria in choosing an apartment in a new building by potential buyers, both for their own residence and for investment. The second is the price per square meter. Sometimes these categories are interchanged on a priority scale depending on the preferences of the buyers. However, in any case, when viewing offers, we always pay attention to the distance to the metro station and to the existing infrastructure – the main factors affecting the formation of the rhythm of our life – which means quality of life. 

Fantastic location

The Concordia Club House – is being built in an atmospheric and at the same time quite intimate place: in the historical center of the capital and at the same time hidden from crowded and noisy places – in a cozy street, surrounded by greenery. Not quite a typical combination. Do you agree?

The panoramic windows of the building, starting from the second floor, will offer views of the picturesque Podil, the banks of the Dnipro River, Voznesensky and Andriyivsky Uzviz, Landscape Alley, St. Michael’s and St. Sophia Cathedral, and many other monuments of architecture, culture and history of Kyiv. And all this is real.

Walking distance to eight metro stations and three subway lines

Location of the new building is quite unique, and from the point of view of its location of the metro stations – at almost the same distance from eight metro stations. Namely, a 20-minute walk (1,500 m) is enough to get to the Zoloti Vorota and the Kontraktova Square metro stations. At a distance of 2000 meters from Concordia, there are the metro station of the green line – Lukyanovska, of the blue line – Poshtova Square, and the four metro stations of the red line – Universytetska, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Teatralna and Khreschatyk. Thus, the average distance to 8 metro stations from the Club House is 30 minutes of walk. Not bad!

This is explained by the fact that at a distance of about 500 meters from the new building of OBRIY Investment and Construction Company on Lvivska Square, there is a conservated metro station “Lvivska Brama”. Its construction was started in mid-1991, and in 1996 it was frozen due to the lack of a final decision on the reconstruction of Lvivska Square, where it was planned to leave it. The “ghost station,” as the people of Kyiv call it, has 80% readiness. Who knows, perhaps over time, common sense will nevertheless prevail over the confrontation between the Kyiv City Council investor-Kyiv city state administration moratorium, and you will be able to reach the subway within 10 minutes walking distance from Concordia. Good perspective!

Life in “Kyiv Switzerland”

The Shevchenkivsky district of the capital, where the Concordia Club House is being built, is also called “Kyiv Switzerland”, because 20.6% of its territory is occupied by green planting. Only in the area of the new building of OBRIY Investment and Construction Company, there are 10 squares, 6 parks and the Botanical Garden. They are located at a distance of up to 2000 m. The closest to the Club House are Lvivska Square (500 m), Landscape Alley (500 m) and Canadian Square (600 m). A little further – 

Square of Kyiv Intellectuals (900 m) and Pavlivsky Square (1000 m). At a distance of 1,500 m (20 minutes of walk), there are located such squares as: Square named after V.P. Chkalov, the Heavenly Hundred Square, Heydar Aliyev and Zolotovoritsky Square. Within twenty minutes on foot (1600 m) from Concordia, Oles Gonchar Square and such a highlight of the capital as Volodymyrska Girka are located. If you decide on a 30-minute walk, you will definitely get to the Academician Fomin Botanical Garden (2000 m), T. Shevchenko Park or Khreshchaty Park (2000 m), and for the toughest ones – the Central Park of Recreation and Culture (2200 m) and the Mariyinsky Park (2500 m). It’s a fantastic breadth of choice, isn’t it?

Historic area – ” Kopyriv Kinets” ” and Masonic label

The area adjacent to the Kudryavska str., where the Concordia Club House is being built, is mentioned in ancient Rus’s chronicles in the news from the year 1121. This is “Kopyriv Kinets” – a historical place in Kyiv on Kudryavka. It lies at the intersection of Kudryavska and, Petrovska streets, Voznesensky descent, Kiyanoivsky and Nestorivsky lanes, occupying the north-western ledge of the upland plateau (Starokyivska mountain).

Kudryavska itself is located not far from Lvivska Square. It originated in the early 19th century and now has U-shape. At its beginning, there is a small detached house number 9 where the Oleksandr Pushkin Museum is now located. The poet visited Kyiv only twice. It is known that the two-story yellow building was built at the end of the 19th century and belonged to the rich Kyiv resident Mazyukevych. In 1893-1905, the family of Mikhailo Bulgakov also lived in the same building, and in 1906, the writer’s family already lived in house number 10. 

Next to the Pushkin Museum at 9b Kudryavska street, there is a small two-story brick outbuilding built in 1912. Its facade depicts arrows assembled from many small pyramids. Locals claim that this is a Masonic label.

The lion’s part of the street is occupied by an abandoned Kyiv distillery. It was founded in 1896 and was called “Treasury Wine Warehouse No. 1”.

And at the very end of the street there is another highlight: the oldest and the smallest bridge in Kyiv over Petrivska Street, which connects the Kudryavska street with Voznesensky descent. It was built in 1896 according to the design of Vladimir Bezsmertny for convenient access of transport to the distillery. The bridge is a monument of engineering of the end of the XIX century, one of the first transport interchanges on two levels, which still functions today. The bridge is also unique in that its spans are made of bricks, which at that time was rare. Now it is in disrepair, therefore it is closed for cars, but walking is not prohibited.

50 meters behind the bridge down the Voznesensky Descent is the Ancient House, where Ipolit Vladislavovych Morgilevsky lived – a technological engineer, architectural historian, art critic.

Center of Culture and Arts

The main difference between the Shevchenkivsky district and the others is that there is a lot of space to take a walk. For example, you can walk along the oldest street Volodymyrivska, which is more than a thousand years old, or wander through the courtyards in the center, booking a tour “Interesting Kyiv”.

As an option – you can dedicate the weekend to the search for bronze mini-sculptures, which are installed in the capital as part of th e cognitive project “Search”. Kyiv Computer is the closest mini-sculpture to the Concordia Club House. It is located at 23 Yaroslaviv Val Street. A little further, at 21 / 20a Yaroslaviv Val Street, a miniature of “Golden Gate” is installed. Thus, we have already found two sculptures out of 25. So, be ready to search for the others. By the way, in the summer of 2020, the opening of 26 mini-sculpture is planned.

In general, “chatting” with Google, you can independently determine interesting places to visit. You can find, for example, the smallest elevator in Kyiv with an area of 0.5 square meters, located in a residential building at the 11b Prorizna street (1600 m). Or you can visit St. Nicholas Cathedral in the Kyiv-Pokrovsky Monastery – the largest in size and capacity old church of the capital. It has 15 domes, the highest of which reaches 65 meters. Also to your attention: St. Sophia Square (1000 m) and St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael’s Cathedral (1200) and St. Andrew’s Church (1300). It should also be mentioned that not far from the Club House is the most important complex of monuments of archeology, history, architecture and art of the capital – the historical part of Kyiv – the Upper Town.

For theater lovers – the Theater of Sincere Non-Professional Actors, located at 14 Lvivska Square, or the Theater-Studio of Improvisations “Black Square” at 56 Sichovykh Striltsiv Street. Only 500 m and you are a spectator. For fans of the Academic Theater within walking distance, there are the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after T.G. Shevchenko (1700 m) and the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama named after Lesya Ukrainka (2000 m).

For lovers of active recreation in the Shevchenkivsky district, the largest climbing wall in Ukraine “Workshop” (8 Khokhlovykh Family Street) and a bicycle track (1200 m) have been opened.

Therefore, start planning your leisure time, we are sure that there will be enough ideas for years.

Convenience and comfort.

There is all the necessary infrastructure for everyday life near the Concordia Club House.

There are the Alfa-Vita Medical Center (200 m) and the IVMED Clinic (150 m) just in a two-minute walk. In 15 minutes – the medical center “Ukrainian medical group” (900 m) and the Republican hospital of the Ministry of Health (1000 m).

The nearest supermarket “Billa” is within walking distance, just 500 m. The department store “Ukraine” can be reached in 10 minutes on foot.

Preschool education institutions are also within walking distance: Kindergarten №35 (250 m) and Children’s Training Center (300 m). There is no shortage in educational institutions. Among them: specialized school of I-III degrees №155 (550 m), specialized school №138 with in-depth study of natural cycle subjects (600 m), specialized school №106 (800 m), specialized school №49 (800 m), specialized school №91 with in-depth study of computer science (900 m) and French lyceum named after Anna Kyivska (1200 m).

Nearby (600 m) – the Kyiv University named after Borys Hrinchenko and the National Pedagogical University named after M.P. Dragomanova (250 m). In 1400 m – the French Institute in Ukraine and the Humanitarian Corps of the National Pedagogical University. 550 m to the House of Artist.

Atmosphere of good neighborliness

Concordia is a business class object. The house is elegant and, at the same time, small – club-type. According to the project, it will have 16 floors and 69 apartments in total, 3-5 on each floor. Two-level apartments with an open roof terrace will be on the sixteenth floor. The house will be provided with a convenient underground parking with a room recognition system and cellars for storing things. A concierge will always greet you at the reception desk, ready to help in solving everyday problems of any complexity. Concierge service is at your service 24/7.

On the first floor of the building, there is a spacious lobby with a refined custom design, and for the smallest – a decorated children’s room. You can get to the first floor, both from the yard and by taking a silent elevator straight from the underground parking lot. According to the project, in total the building will have two elevators with access control to the floor.  The yard is closed from outsiders and equipped with a comprehensive security system 24/7 with video surveillance.

Meeting expectations

Everything that should be in a modern coveted apartment is in Concordia. European planning concept with a common area “kitchen-living room”, where the whole family gathers every day. High ceilings (3 m) and energy-saving panoramic windows with tinted windows and lowered window sills for watching the best sunsets and sunrises. Profile system of windows with increased heat and sound insulation, the windows themselves are protected from ultraviolet radiation and provide maximum insolation of the rooms. An autonomous boiler house on the roof of the house will warm your homes at the time you set.

The Concordia Club House meets the most demanding requirements in terms of functionality, safety and comfort.



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